5 Tips on How to Protect Your Horses

Protecting you horses from insects, diseases and other hazardous circumstances that may befall it is the best thing that you can ever do to your horse. You will be in a position to protect the health of your horse while doing this. Below are some of the tips you can follow to protect your horse.

1. Assess the risk factors of your horse and come up with a vaccination program to meet your horse’s needs. It is important that you engage in working with your veterinarian in order to come up with a program that will help in protecting your horse.

2. Clean your horse’s water supply. This will, therefore, help you in controlling insects. You can make the water supply clean by introducing a small number of fish into the water trough. This is because these fish are able to consume some algae that might be in the water as well the mosquito larvae that might be there too.

3. Remember to isolate horses that may be showing any sign of illness. Traveling with a horse regrettably increases his chances of getting an infection. This is because, during the travel, they get to meet a huge number of different horses. Despite these abnormal conditions brought by traveling, the horses can also become stressed due to this and hence leads to their immunity being decreased.

4. You should always remember to thoroughly clean and disinfect the equipment used on the horses; this should be done before using them on the horses. These types of equipment involve the halters, the bits, the lead shanks, and the clipper blades.

5. Always remember to remove all the manure from the stalls on a daily basis. You should also remove it from the manure two times a week. After removing the manure, you should then compost or dispose of it as well.

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